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Thousands of vulnerable people across Stoke-on-Trent to benefit from £250,000 grant to help to keep warm this winter

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Thousands of vulnerable people across Stoke-on-Trent will be given help to keep warm this winter after the city council scooped a £250,000 grant.


The funding, from the Department of Health, will benefit people who are most likely to have cold homes and be in fuel poverty.


This may include residents with existing health conditions, people with young children and older people. Those being discharged from hospital and who face increased risks due to the cold weather may also benefit.


The cash injection will pay for a range of services to help people stay warm in their home over the winter period. It is expected to benefit up to 6,000 people across the city.


Boilers can be serviced, repaired or replaced under the scheme and assistive technology, including cold alarms, which are activated when temperatures reach a certain level, and winter warmth packs will be provided.


People will be given advice on welfare benefits to ensure that they are claiming what they are entitled to and residents will receive information on fuel bill grants.


Information stalls will be set up in the city to highlight help that is available and signpost people to organisations that can assist them.


Vulnerable people will also be able to access an emergency shopping scheme and transport run by volunteers.


The city council will be working in partnership with North Staffs Warm Zone, Beat the Cold, Revival Home Improvement Agency, Age UK, Saltbox, Staffordshire Community Foundation and NHS Stoke-on-Trent to deliver the project.


Councillor Janine Bridges, cabinet member for housing, neighbourhoods and community safety, said: “This grant will be a major boost to some of our most vulnerable residents. As part of our Mandate for Change we want to give people the opportunity to live independent and healthy lives.


“These home improvements, including repairing boilers and introducing assistive technology, go a long way to achieving this aim. We know that older and vulnerable people suffer the most when the cold weather hits and schemes like this will help to drastically reduce the risks they face.”


Residents who would like to find out more about the scheme can call Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s customer contact centre on 01782 234234.



terry turbo's picture

This equates to £41.66 for

This equates to £41.66 for each person which would probably help towards the bill for electricity or gas which I would wellcome.

I have my doubts that you will be able to repair, or replace a boiler for £41.66, so is there another source of money for these services?

I would like to see the criteria for payments of this amount, and how much mither people will be expected to go through to get it.

Next year with the council recieving pots of money from the Government (not ring fenced) for changes in council tax benefits, Bedroom tax, care grants and crisis loans , I am always suspicious of whether this money actualy ends up in the right hands.

Also with the rent rise about to hit householders I see major problems  arising next year.

Still they can blame the Tory's can't they?


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