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Blue Wheelie Bins to be emptied next week.

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Anyone putting their blue wheelie bin out today to be emptied might as well get them in as I have been advised by the council that these bins will be emptied next week, any extra rubbish is to be bagged off and placed next to the bin. Nice of the council to tell us as many blue bins have blown over today and there is rubbish blowing around the estate in the strong winds we are having.



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Cheers Bryn, useful stuff.I

Cheers Bryn, useful stuff.

I think we were lucky on the other side of the estate as the blue binmen (speedy binman, happy binman, pappa binman) came on friday.

I don't know how far they got around John Rhodes Way to be fair, but they were giving a good go. I'm guessing they couldn't get up spitfire for the cars parked at the bottom.

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It would have been useful if

It would have been useful if they had not been around and done a collection this morning!!!!

How on earth this council runs is beyond any reasonable human...


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Sorry to everyone who got

Sorry to everyone who got their bin in was just acting on information given by the council.

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Thanks for the info. My Blue

Thanks for the info. My Blue bin hasn't been emptied in George Eardley Close.

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Sorry BJ if it came over

Sorry BJ if it came over wrong as i was not having a go at you mate.

just the council giving wrong info again.


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Not at all Gordy know where

Not at all Gordy know where your coming from mate this council is a disgrace even the simplest of things they find difficult.

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