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Look inside the Leopard Pub Burslem showing off a fantastic piece of history with Local Photographer Jenna Goodwin

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Hope you find this guest blog from a Flickr buddy of mine, Jenna Goodwin of the Leopard Pub in Burslem.


This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the Leopard Hotel in Burslem throughout, I thought you people may enjoy some of these shots.

I also wanted  one as a thank you to the landlady Sharon for allowing me to take these photographs, and secondly to show everyone the inside of such a fantastic piece of Stoke on Trent's history.

As you may know there are plans in place to transform these bedrooms back into the hotel that they used to be a part of.


Sometimes known as the 'Savoy of the Midlands' the Leopard Inn in Burslem certainly holds a lot of hidden secrets. The Leopard Inn is one of Stoke-on-Trent's hidden gems. A listed building in Burslem, it is steeped in history and the discovery of tunnels and 58 bedrooms that have been left exactly as they were when they were sealed between the 1930's and 1950's has brought it centre-stage again.

The Leopard Inn dates from the early 1700's. Initially a coaching house and Inn, there has been a working pub on this site for 300 years or more. In 1878 a three storey extension including 57 rooms were built. The ambition was to create in Burslem 'The Savoy of the North'. The rooms to the front of the Leopard are today in use as a pub and restaurant, and to the rear the hotel lies abandoned and purportedly haunted.

The Leopard Inn, on Market Place, has become internationally well-known following its appearance on Most Haunted in 2007.

Please click the flickr links with each picture to learn more and see bigger versions.
Jenna's "Raven Photography" Flickr Profile:

Full Collection of photos from the Leopard:



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Web Monkey's picture

Amazing set og photos. I can

Amazing set og photos. I can see why it's considered haunted. 

Dereth's picture

i had a tour of  the lepoard

i had a tour of  the lepoard about 20years ago , but  as a small  group we werent allowed to go  to see  the upper floors ,  its a grand building , so much history - thanks for  the photos ,                                                i would imagion most of the older buildings in Burslem  have  simular  look about them.

davew's picture

Those pictures are fantastic,

Those pictures are fantastic, well done Jenna.

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