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Neighbourhood Watch: Smartwater

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Staffordshire Police are supporting Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the use of Smartwater, a forensic marking product for use in your own home.

Forensic marking is a colourless liquid solution which can be applied to valuables including TV's, games consoles, mobile phones, jewellery, ornaments, electrical items and much more.

The solution gives your property a unique code which cannot be seen by the naked eye but which glows under ultraviolet light allowing the police to detect it.

Each bottle of Smartwater has its own unique chemical code which is registered to your address. So anything marked with Smartwater can be traced back to you. Each bottle can mark around 60 items. It is almost invisible and virtually impossible to remove.

By marking your valuables and displaying Smartwater deterrent stickers and street signs, you send a powerful message to any would-be burglars to stay well away from your area.

Smartwater can be purchased independently online but the local NHW co-ordinater can get it at a discounted rate of between £15 - £20 depending on the size of the order.

If Residents of the Bankeyfields/BrindleyFord  area wish to order some please visit the their Residents Association pages for more information


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