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The new Police & Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire Police, Matthew Ellis Determined to see crime cut further

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Following today's announcement of the Government's 2013/14 grant settlement, Staffordshire Police & Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis says he's determined to see crime cut further and spend every public pound better.

Under the settlement outlined by Home Secretary Theresa May, Staffordshire Police will get a grant of £117.4m compared to £121.2m in 2012/13.

Mr Ellis said: "I want us to get full value for the public's money as we continue to find ways to work more efficiently.  I have ambitious plans over the next three years and am determined to deliver them".

"A 'Team Staffordshire' approach that identifies opportunities for closer public sector collaboration - to ensure that jobs and prosperity stay in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent - is the way forward as we strive to meet our financial obligations".

Mr Ellis got a first-hand view of policing on a busy Friday night in Stoke-on-Trent city centre last week.

"My time with officers in Hanley confirmed that there are significant numbers of police available to our local communities - and I'm committed to increasing their visibility across the county" he said.

Mr Ellis recently announced an end to Regulation A19 in Staffordshire, which had required police officers with more than 30 years' pensionable service to retire.  He also unveiled plans to advertise for new police officers for the first time in three years.

"One of my first major decisions as PCC was to put a stop to A19 and being recruiting again to bring fresh dynamism to the force" Mr Ellis said.

"But we still need to do more to make the best use of the available resources because the number of police officers will slowly continue to reduce over time through natural turnover".

"I'm determined to continue to deliver efficient and effective local police services that are visible to local people while, at the same time, resourcing crucial 'behind the badge' roles - such as CID, intelligence and forensic examination - to make sure the public are safe".


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terry turbo's picture

Ijust hope he keeps this up

Ijust hope he keeps this up and does not morph into a politician.

Web Monkey's picture

Well sadly, that's how he

Well sadly, that's how he started off, as a politition. Let's hope it's people and policing, not politics first.

terry turbo's picture

Too right mate, lets hope he

Too right mate, lets hope he gets his men to tell the truth as well about time on the beat.

I am all for this post if it brings advantages to the people and not the politicians, because if he goes down that road I will not be happy chappy and make my views known.



Robin's picture

Not political? You must be

Not political? You must be joking he got elected as a Tory, and we can all see how Cameron and Clegg are doing. Mr Ellis won't bother to come to Stoke when he can sit in his nice posh house in leafy Lichfield. Chances of seeing him here are about as high as the reverend Ian Paisley visiting the pope!

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