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Waste collections throughout Stoke-on-Trent have been cancelled due to severe weather

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Waste collections across Stoke-on-Trent have been cancelled today (Monday) due to the severe weather.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has taken the decision in the interests of public safety. Council crews had been due to visit 23,000 properties across the city, including a high number of terraced properties on narrow side streets.

Around 17,000 of the properties receive waste collections one week and recycling collections the following week. Those residents are asked to put their waste out this Friday and Saturday.

Around 6,000 properties were due to have weekly waste collections today. Collections will now go ahead next Monday (28 January) for these properties.

In addition, council crews could not finish their rounds last Friday (18 January), because of the bad weather, with 2,000 properties affected. These will now be picked up this Friday (25 January).

Residents will be able to put out up to an additional two bags of waste on the revised collection day.

Ian Tamburello, strategic manager for car parking and enforcement, said: “The severe snow and icy conditions unfortunately mean that we have been forced to take the exceptional step to call off waste collections today.

“We ask residents for their patience and understanding during these unusually harsh winter conditions. Our crews have made every attempt to go out in this weather, and are ready and waiting for conditions to improve.

“Waste collection wagons are 26-tonne vehicles and in icy weather would cause considerable damage or injury if involved in an accident, particularly on untreated minor roads.

“The safety of residents, our crews and property must take precedence. Even on streets where roads are clear, collection crews use footpaths to gain access to bins, which are not gritted.”



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