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University hospital parking charges and blue badge holders

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Parking charges at the University Hospital are due to increase for everyone; staff, visitors, patients keeping appointments and blue badge holders.  Everyone is going to have to pay more, that is of course IF you can find a parking bay.

Issues have already been raised about the walking distance from disabled bays to get into the main entrance.  Blue badge owners have limited walking ability.  What consideration has been given to the distance that blue badge owners will have to walk from their vehicle to the ticket machine, then back again to put the ticket on show in their vehicle before starting the journey  to get to their destination.    

People are already complaining about the amount of walking inside the hospital.   Careful consideration should be given to the planning of ways to charge blue badge holders.  The disabled parking area is very large - how many ticket machines are going to be installed.   Could there be another method that blue badge users could use rather that using the ticket machines?

Having to walk the distance to a ticket machine defeats the object of having a blue badge.









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I agree with that, having

I agree with that, having visited the hospital for the first time last week.

I had to park in the multi storey park and my friend on crutches had to walk the distance to the main entrance, then we had even further to walk around the hospital to the dept required only to be told that the appt. wasn't now needed and she could go home, so another long walk back.


Disabled parking now is getting to be a premium and the amount of times I have tried to find one (for my mother) just to notice that cars without the badges are parked there.

Usually people in a hurry and can't be bothered to park further away and parents with toddlers who also can't walk distances and they are wondering why this nation is becoming obese.

A lot of places now are getting disabled to pay, to which now I am avoiding.


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Did you know that there is a

Did you know that there is a large disabled parking area by the new main entrance to the university hospital?


(Hartshill  end not the A34)  When you pull onto the hospital grounds the 1st turning on the left takes you down to accident & emergency, then the 2nd turning on the left takes you onto the disabled parking area.   At the far end of this parking you are by the dropping off zone for the main reception area.   


I  take a member of my family who is in a wheelchair.  On a personal note I spent a long time needing to use crutches due to both hips needing surgery,  all walking was very painful to me. 





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Sounds like you pair have

Sounds like you pair have been having a tough time. Are you both on the mend?

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Thanks for asking Matt.  I'm

Thanks for asking Matt.  I'm fine since my operations a few years ago. 

I visit the hospital regulary providing transport for family members.

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Well Matt, lets just say that

Well Matt, lets just say that this is as good as it gets lol.


I saw the large disabled area however as I was not taking my mother just my neighbour to the hospital, I had to find an alternative as I don't use the blue badge when mother isn't in the car.

I saw where the new A&E dept was as well picking up another neighbour from the hospital, so getting to see it bit by bit.

I do miss the NSRI though lovely old building and I knew those corridors well.


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