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Bogus worker, claiming he was to install insulation at a property

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On the 4th March at 1pm a male has knocked on the door of a private property. He has stated that he had come to install insulation. Fortunately the resident  has questioned this and refused entry. The male had also stated that he had had permission from the association that owns the property. This is not the case.

The male is described as white, aged 45/50 yrs old, with grey hair and a grery moustache. He has really dark eyebrows and was skinny build, wearing a long grey coat.

Please do not allow anyone into your property for any reason without being fully satisfied their details are correct. If in doubt keep them out and contact Staffordshire Police immediately.

If anyone has any information please contact Staffordshire police on 101 or call anonymously on Crime Stoppers on 0800555111.