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A Cease and Desist order has been slapped on Goldendale Pool to protect the one or two remaining trees

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Finally some action from the council down at Goldendale Pool. 

After getting in touch with a member of the council on the 14th of Feb 2013 a order goes up just under a month later on the 12th of March.

The damage has already been done.

I'll now be writing to Stoke-on-Trent City Council and the Secretary of State for the Enviroment to take legal action. This is happening far too often in this area now.


Too little too late? Goldendale Pool

However, there was one thing pointed out by The New Home Historian, Steve Bowers, that the earth works that have been cut into the side of the pool do look like they are going to be proper fishing bays.

Goldendale Pool




Goldendale Pool





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You are, of course, totally

You are, of course, totally right Matt. The damage is done. I also noticed the council stipulating that an ecological survey has to carried out, before any of the sort of destruction we have seen takes place. This was duly undertaken over a YEAR ater the work started! Any help i can give with regard to writing to the Secretary of State etc; let me know. My email address is:

As you say, we cannot let this keep happening.

Cheers, Andy Cooper.

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Makes you laugh the council

Makes you laugh the council Knew about this mass destruction from the start it was flagged up months ago. Why didn't the council do anything then is this going to be another cover up by council officials not following the correct procedures. If laws and rules have been broken the council should make an example of those who did it and make them pay giving other land owners a clear message that their are procedures to follow before decimating the landscape.

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