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Councils need to move quicker for slower speeds, says Living Streets

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Local councils are being slow to respond to Government guidance which say 20 mph speed limits should be considered as a ‘priority for action’ on England’s roads, says Living Streets which launches it’s ‘Show you Love 20 mph’ campaign today (25 March 2013).
Government figures show 453 pedestrians were killed on UK roads in 2011, the equivalent of a recent major train crash happening every week, says the charity.  A significant number of those lives could have been saved if more local authorities were acting on the guidance and introducing area-wide 20 mph speed limits.
Living Streets’ Chief Executive, Tony Armstrong, said:
“It’s a scandal.  If this number of people had lost their lives travelling by train or bus there would be an outcry, an inquiry, and immediate action taken to improve safety measures. The Government has given councils the green light to introduce more 20 mph speed limits which is quite simply an opportunity to save lives.  Lowering speeds is proven to increase survival rates and has the support of the majority of people. Go to the Living Streets website and let your local council know why you would love 20 mph in your neighbourhood.”
Council in cities such as Bristol and Portsmouth have implemented 20 mph limits while Islington in London is now 20 mph across the borough including main roads. The majority of the public support 20 mph speed limits on streets where people live, work and shop say the charity.

Living Streets is asking the public to tell their local council why they ‘love 20 mph’ via an email from its website at


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Sent my email off. 

Sent my email off. 

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Would like to ask everyone

Would like to ask everyone that lives on both estates to support your Residents Association and back this campaign it only takes a second just follow the web link.

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