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Stoke-on-Trent parents to be given guidance to help their children to learn to read.

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I've just read in the Sentinel that Stoke-on-Trent are now going to be giving parents guidance and training to help their young ones to begin reading.


I personally think this is great. It should have been done a long long time ago.

It's not as easy as getting a janet and jane book off a shelf. It's about knowing the techniques to help your child take on a massive undertaking.

First it's about learning the letters, knowing the letters. Then it's about joining the letters to make sounds. We're going through it with our 4 year old. Because we (mainly my wife) has helped her at home as well as the work they do a school, she's come on massively. 

It has to be fun, but then it has to be hard work as well, whilst remembering they are just little.

During the holidays my little girl had the confidence to write one whole sentence. The spelling was all over the place, who cares. She wrote down briefly what she'd done that day. She went to the fair.

She now has a massive advantage when she goes into reception, going through school life, because she got over the hurdle with loads of help and support.

With 10 minutes here and there, we can help our children get these head starts in life.

With our first child, it was a much harder process. We didn't know about phonics and how it can help a child to form the sounds.

Still, it would be a much more proactive scheme if it could be supported fully with a 30 hour so those Nursery teachers can help bring the full skills out of the children.

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Thanks. A bit late for us,

Thanks. A bit late for us, our 4 year old started Foundation/Reception class last September. Before she started we'd only tought her to write her name, thinking she'd be ahead of the game, but I'm amazed at what they're being tought - reading, writing and maths. Aww poor little baby is growing up!

This is a bit of a shocker from the Sentinel article - "Results for seven-year-olds also show Stoke-on-Trent is at the bottom of league tables in England for reading, writing and maths."


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Yes our school has just

Yes our school has just starting teaching parents about Jolly Phonics, which is much needed as its a lot different to how reading used to be taught. Hope they do it for maths too as so many different techniques, it nice to be involved in methods used

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Someone on the Sentinel site

Someone on the Sentinel site thought it was as simple as getting a 1960's book off the shelf. Others said if parents can't teach there kids the basics there's no hope.

Ignorance like this doesn't help. As you two are discovering it's not as simple as you think, and we know the English language.

Jolly Phonics, counting from 1-20 and down from 20-1, how to hold a pencil : how easy would this be to show parents via the web and videos. It's no good the council just teaching 80 families. Build a resource that's of benefit. It's not like they haven't got the teaching staff.

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It would have been helpful if

It would have been helpful if in advance of going to Reception class, we knew what was being taught; Jolly Phonics, Biff and Kipper books. Then we could have done more preperation. I must admit I can't get my head around teaching phonics! But we're getting there...


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