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Is the survival of Hanley really based on Stoke-on-Trent City Council moving offices, or City Sentral

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Some of our elected councillors are claiming that without a new civic centre Hanley will continue to decline.

I struggle to grasp this as currently Realis are finalising the CPO requests, which will enable their £350million retail scheme to begin. Bringing in visitors from miles around.

How can a Town with such retail investment possible go into decline?  It can only increase both investment, jobs and the environment.

Creating jobs, there is currently lots of interest in sites around Stoke, the train station, and Eturia Valley. If the claims that the new bus station will increase use of Public Transport, are proved true, all those employees will be travelling via Hanley and no doubt shopping there too. 

Inward investors will then have the choice of 3 excellent sites within the city to decide where to move to CBD, Etruria and Stoke.

With all this potential I fail to see why our councillors need to be getting the City into even more debt.

Is the existing Civic Centre really vital to the regeneration of Stoke Town? It is only a small area of all sites on offer and there are talks it may not even be demolished. It will be interesting to see the plans from the 29 companies interested in Stoke to see how vital it is?

Under your code conduct you are permitted to see confidential reports, have you used this power to examine proposal coming forward for both Stoke and Hanley?

Sent as a Open Letter to Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Councillors and interested parties.


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The Labour party morons have

The Labour party morons have not figured out what is blatently obvious to a lot of people.

So much so that I will explain it to any of them reading this post.

Computers are fast taking over the shopping market with online shopping.

This has helped the demise of many large retailers who cannot compete.

So in plain English how do this bunch of fools expect to buck the trend that is occuring in many cities?

The simple answer is they won't and unless their single cell brains have leaked out they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

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