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Day two of the Tunstall Park Lake - mine shaft collapse - water drops again over night

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Following on from yesterday's report about the hole that appeared in Tunstall Park Lake draining a substantial amount of water, things didn't go quite so smoothly over night.  (scroll down for the gallery, and click the images for a larger image)

Day 2 - in brief 
  • Hole grew bigger this time taking some of the surrounding wall
  • More water left the lake
  • Environment Agency started to rescue the fish when the hole didn't stabilize 
  • Fish have been rehoused in the small pool
  • A generator is been used to pump and circulate the smaller pool (please don't knick the generator)
  • Coal board engineers think the shaft might be a Bell Pit, rather than a proper mine shaft
  • Green dye has been added to the hole, to see where it comes out.
  • The top of half of the pool is virtually empty

Big Hole!

A big thanks from all of the fish to the Environment Agency people who have been moving the bigger fish today. Great work.

  • There are also baby coots on the lake, so congratulations to Mummy coot.


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Comedy moment on yesterdays

Comedy moment on yesterdays BBC Midlands news as the reporter is talking the camera pans slightly and a old chap with a white beard is in frame. I had to laugh as he somehowslides out of shot.

Good report, and will hopefully put Tunstall Park on the map for when it can all be fixed and the fish returned.

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