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International Children's Art Competition - celebrates the Stoke-on-Trent initiated Lidice Shall Live campaign

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The UK Children's Fine Art Competition is an international children's art competition which celebrates the Stoke-on-Trent initiated Lidice Shall Live campaign. It is now firmly establishing Stoke-on-Trent as the UK centre for Children's Art
The main objective of the annual UK Children's Fine Art Competition (UKCFAC) is to endow children with the best of human virtues through art.
Each year a different theme is set and children produce work broadly related to that theme.
It is a superb cross curricular exploration in History, Geography, Citizenship as well as a serious art competition.
Judging is done by a renowned panel of UK artists and there are some great prizes awarded.
ALL children receive a certificate of achievement.
All work is then submitted to the International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts, one of the largest free fine art competitions for children in the world, which regularly receives over 25,000 entries from around 70 countries.
The UKCFAC welcomes entries from all nations.
And the new website also features a new free online showcase for schools worldwide
You can find out more at through Facebook and on Twitter @UKChildrensart
Email about this years forthcoming exhibition
The UK Children’s Fine Art Competition is endorsed by the Department for Education and has support from many in the world of art and celebrity -
Ken Loach. Film Director:
"The terrible events in Lidice and the work of Sir Barnett Stross should certainly be remembered. It is a story of mutual support and international solidarity among ordinary people. I'm sure the art competition will be a great success - it deserves to be. Best wishes to everyone who takes part in the competition."
Gerald Scarfe:
"To all children who love art: keep on drawing, keep on painting. It’s good for your soul."
The UK Children's Fine Art Competition - Stoke-on-Trent’s Technicolour Dreamcoat


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