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Tunstall Park Lake Fish in need of rescuing according to Environment Agency Officer after mine collapse partially drains lake

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Over night a sink hole has appeared in Tunstall Park's lake, believed to have been caused by the collapse of a short depth pit tunnel collapsing.

The water has stopped escaping  and the lake has now settled with the hole temporarily sealing itself.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council have arranged for the specialist clay used for these occasions to be dug and delivered and hopefully professionally sealed tomorrow.

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However, even though the water level is now stable it is dangerously low for the fish and muscles in the lake.

In parts of the lake the water has virtually gone, leaving small pockets of fish trapped, whilst in other part of the lake there is now a danger of the oxygen in the lake evaporating killing the fish. Around the edges muscles now have a race against time for the water to fill up enough.

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Stoke-on-Trent City Council's Fisheries expert is currently out rescuing another set of fish so hasn't been able to come to the scene, but the Environment Agency, whose task it is to check the water quality have recommended the fish should be rescued.

If the impending lack of oxygen doesn't kill off the fish, the bigger predators will such as seagulls, heron and so on.

dead fish in Tunstall Park

The primary source of water from the pool as I found out today comes from a stream that runs from Chatterley Whitfield down to Tunstall Park's Pool, which you can see at the top of the park, by the water feature.

It looks like everyone is onto the problem now, it's just a matter of resources.

On a slightly different not, it was nice to see the lake bed not as covered in rubbish as I expected thanks to the councils groundsmen who cleared the pool towards the end of 2012.

Also congratulations go to Mrs Duck and her beautiful and fluffy ducklings.



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Staffs Police have been

Staffs Police have been called tonight after worries fish were been stolen.
However apperances were deceiving and what was really happening was fish stuck at the top of he pool were been helped into deeper water. Good stuff

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Note: At the time of writting

Note: At the time of writting (1pm) the lady from the Enviroment Agency was very concerned and said if it was her call (It's Stoke-on-Trent City Council) she would have removed the fish. Later reports are saying that is no longer the case.

However, if locals were rescuing the fish from teh shallows and moving them to the deep parts around the island  yesterday afternoon, I'll stand by what was said.

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I heard that overnight the

I heard that overnight the hole opened up again/got bigger and more water was being lost. Police, fire service, Environment Agency and many others were there in the wee small hours working.

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Update -Tunstall park pool:

Update -Tunstall park pool: fish being moved to safe place, site secure, working with Enviroment Agency and The COAL Authority on solution.

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Day 2 of the Tunstall Park

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