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£4.7 million big hit boost for hundreds of homes in Fegg Hayes

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More colourful dwellings for the good folk of Fegg Hayes.

Tenants in one of the biggest communities in Stoke-on-Trent get the chance to explore an opportunity to benefit from a range of options to upgrade their homes on Friday – thanks to a £4.7 million investment programme from the City Council.

All 477 council tenants on the estate will get a makeover for their homes, and their neighbourhood, in one big hit – maximising the impact and value for money for the community.

Team members from the council and their partners at Kier Stoke, who will be delivering the massive estate revamp, are staging a special open day at the Whitfield Community Centre between 2pm and 7pm.

Tenants will get to see plans, images and some examples of the new equipment they could see installed in their homes.

This comprehensive whole estate approach to housing maintenance and improvement comes only a week after Government Minister Don Foster visited the city to praise its creative and diverse approach to delivering quality homes for local people.  

Janine Bridges, cabinet member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, said the new approach was about delivering maximum punch for every pound spent and giving neighbourhoods a real boost.

“By focusing on one area we can deliver a real sea change (???) in environmental quality and pride.

“Where households are due new kitchens and bathrooms and other upgrades, these will be done. Most households will get an external facelift for their homes, including new doors, external painting and door canopies.

“New driveway works, boundary walls and garages upgrades, plus open space enhancements will all add to the sense of total transformation.

“It will look great, with common colours and styles creating a clear sense of design and quality for the area.

“Housing Services will also be working with the local community to improve the way they work with tenants and the wider community, taking action on anti-social behaviour, crime and community safety.          

“By doing everything in one big hit we can maximise value for money too, with our partners Kier Stoke maximising the efficient use of people and resources. That’s got to be good news for tax payers and tenants alike,” she said.

David Mawson, regional managing director at Kier, said: “Investments like this bring to life the Kier vision and values. These aren’t just houses, they’re homes, and we are delighted to be working with the council on this investment project.”



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terry turbo's picture

Once again Fegg Hayes gets a

Once again Fegg Hayes gets a load of money thrown at it while Tunstall continues on a downward slide to oblivion, and degradation.

This is fast becoming a joke.

Tunstall has always been the poor sister of the six towns and is left out every time, because we have weak councillors and a council that does not give a damn.

I cannot understand why the people of this great town pay this bunch of incompetents a penny in poll tax.?

When are the R/As going to stand up and demand fair treatment from the Council and the Police?

I, and my committee are prepared to join with others to form a town R/A and demand a better standard of living than what we have at the moment.

Who else is prepared to join????? 

terry turbo's picture

By the way as I own my own

By the way as I own my own house can I get some moneyy from the council to do my house up?????????

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