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Indoor climbing - kids

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Yesterday I found that Audley indoor climbing centre do a kids climbing session on Sunday mornings for 5+ year olds. Its only £5 for an hour. They play a game first then go into groups of similar sized child. They all put harnesses on and clip on to a rope and up the wall they go. They do a couple of climbs each, and have to holdthe rope for the kids climbing. All supervised by instructors. There's an equal mix of boys/girls. My 5 year old daughter loved it !

A new climbing club has opened on Burslem, but this one isn't that far from us.



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Thanks Mark. I might have a

Thanks Mark. I might have a look at that.

We haven't been to Audley, but the Nephew swears by it and met the fellas that run it a few weeks ago who seem great with kids.

Love Kilnworx, the cub pack my kids belong to, go often and they have a great range of walls from starter, to pro. I really rate this one (probably because I've been the most, and the staff are very friendly)

We also went to a party at the one past Longton. It was allright. Big, but I wasn't that impressed. 

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