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Tunstall burglar jailed after admitting 112th offence

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One of our neighbours from Bond Street no less



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That's quite a CV!Catherine

That's quite a CV!

Catherine O'Reilly, defending, said Smallman had made great effort to put his life in order, but 'fell off the wagon' and back into drug abuse. She added: "He argued with his partner on the day in question and, as a result, committed these offenses."

 Oh, just grow up. That's the sort of answer a child would give. You don't just plan a burglary  on such a whim do you!?

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Matt its a case of any excuse

Matt its a case of any excuse will be swallowed by the morons on the bench in order to get them off too make someone elses live a misery. Its about time they were targeted maybe then justice would be seen to be done.

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