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Abusive cold calling

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Just had a very interesting phone call from an Asian gentleman informing me that my computer was currently downloading a malicious virus and that he was the man to solve the problem. I informed him that due to me having many cold callers and spammers that I was recording the conversation for purposes of fraud and would pass any such recordings to the Police to deal with. His grasp of English swear words were amazing he told me that I was an asshole and that I was to go and f--k various members of my family amongst other things.



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How rude ;) hope you taught

How rude ;) hope you taught him some new ones.

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I have had several of these

I have had several of these calls and I always tell them I dont have a computer the line always goes dead. For other cold callers `I always say this is a rented house and they need to speak to the landlord,that usually works and they ring off.

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