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Report a Pot Hole - Stoke-on-Trent City Council have promised to repair as many as they can

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Wow, awesome press release from the council. This is great news, as they've previously ignored other requests. Now I know why. They've been saving my pot hole reports up for a couple of years. Now maybe the road around the back of Tunstall Cemetary might get fixed. I hope the pot holes on Tunstall's high street also get fixed as I've nearly disapered down a few of them outside the Market.

As we are all most probably aware, there are many potholes across the city. There is good news however! Highways Officers have pledged to repair any reported pothole in Stoke-on-Trent within 24 hours. Below is a link to the press release yesterday's paper. Please report potholes to the council by calling 01782 237061 between 9am and 5pm or email, or report them via



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just reported a couple of

just reported a couple of potholes  in our  road-    it will be interesting to see if they do manage to get them filled in  with in 24hours.

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Tunstall Cemetary road is

Tunstall Cemetary road is being re-surfaced!  :)

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