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Aiming To Enrich Lives And Memories Using Project Stoke

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Project Stoke is an amazing project going one step further than the "Then and Now" photography idea... Take a look...

What is Project Stoke

Project Stoke is a visual project, designed to bring together the history and heritage of Stoke on Trent, with the present day.

The people of Stoke on Trent, (of which there is just under 250,000), each week enjoy a section of the local newspaper dedicated to "Then and Now", where they are invited to share old memories and photographs of Stoke on Trent how it was before the industrial decline and how it was when they were younger. There are also many books on the subject, with photographs taken in the days of industry and film cameras, then a photograph is placed alongside, of the very same place today, noting the changes in buildings, people and industry.

I am taking this much further with Project Stoke and actually merging the images together. Putting the people back on the streets that they one walked on, the buildings back up where they once stood and all of this, merged into the modern day streets of Stoke on Trent. This gives a fantastic view of what once was and gives people all the memories of the shops, factories, and areas that they used to walk past and through.

Each image takes me 2-3 hours to work out the focal length, the area and the angles. Then comes the editing, aligning, perspective distortion and merging. Then after that comes the historical aspect, finding the history of the buildings the area and the people. Luckily I have on hand the help of a fantastic local historican and help from the people of Stoke on Trent themselves, whom it seems are really enjoying the project and enjoy sharing tid bits of information with me about the shots that I am using!

I am will be creating a minimum of 5 images for each town (of which there are 6) and at least 1 image (dependent on the availability of the older images) for each village.

I don't have any sponsors for printing and mounting, all of it has been priced and is within the amount allotted for this Kickstarter project.

The reason for this KickStarter Fund

I have been offered three local exhibitions, in arts centres and galleries, however, I want to take this exhibition further. I want to take it to the elderly in homes and sheltered housing, who have no access to social media and exhibits, and share with them the memories that they once made. I want to take it to coffee mornings and share the laughs and memories of the old times that I hope that these images will bring back, as these are the people that lived and worked in these areas, grew up in these houses. I know how much my Nan loves looking at these images and the joy it brings her when she remembers things about growing up in the Potteries and I want to share that and I would love you to be a part of it too!

The money will be used for printing costs, mounting and stands, to allow me to take this exhibit on the road and share it with so many more people than just social networks will allow.

The aim is to get this project completed and ready to exhibit by October 2013, ready to exhibit through the winter.

If you have any questions regarding this project, Raven Photography, or myself, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Remember all, if this succeeds, with your help, I hope to enrich a day or two in people's lives, remembering, laughing, reminiscing, but please also remember that if this is unsuccessful, even if you did pledge no money will be removed from your account. It is only removed if we hit the target amount!

Thank you all, sincerely,

Jenna Goodwin


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