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Possible abduction attempt on the Bankeyfields Park foiled by childs quick thinking

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Two young boys on the Bankeyfields Park today raced home after the quick thinking of the eldest boy forced the pair to flee and run straight for home.

The boys had been playing down the park, when a man in his 30's (according to their statement) with a pony tail, with two dogs, a black haired & a smaller dog approached the boys.

He asked them "Do you like dogs?" and then proceeded to say "I've got another at home called 'Betsy' would you like to see her"

The man was also accompanied by a child.

The father of the children wanted people on the estate to know what happened, and said even the intentions might have been innocent, it's is not the sort of thing you say and ask young children to do, especially ones you do not know.

He praised the swift actions of his son.

The Bankeyfields NHW hasn't yet sort comment from the police, but we will be asking further questions about the incident to see if this has happened before in the area.


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strange question, how old

strange question, how old were the kids in the park?


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One is high school age, so

One is high school age, so old enough to be in a park in my opinion

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I see the Sentinel have

I see the Sentinel have latched on to this. I was disappointed to read they have played down the fact the apparent abductor already had a child with him, which I would imagine, is quite unusual for a abductor to have. They've headlined the abductor as a pervert. 

Difficult call without the context of the conversation with the abductor and kids, or between the kids and parents.

Thanks for the email. I'll be extra vigilant.

As an aside, the kids round our estate, are always knocking on my door asking ‘to play with the dog’. I hope the Sentinel doesn’t get hold of that!  

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