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Road layout changes again?!

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It appears the layout on Reginal Mitchell roundabout rom the a500 travelling up to  lowlands road and chatterley drive has again changed. Three are two conflicting lane information signs and the even different road markings leaving a free for all on the roundabout. the three lanes all costs into each other. 

If anyone knows why this as changed and what lanes are for please update us.

if it going to one lane left, one ahead and one right we'll be siting on the a500 at rushhour till about 8pm.




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Hope they make it better for

Hope they make it better for racing especially past the snobby estate pmsl

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Reported this to the council

Reported this to the council today apparently this is an error made by the contractors who did the work and they are sending someone out to rectify the problem. Until then finger crossed and good luck when driving on this stretch of road.

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Good to see the art of

Good to see the art of planning hasn't died. 

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