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the Wedgwood Big House boarded up,

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Over the weekend  the lower windows of The Big House were boarded up, Spokesman Martin Reilly commented" The Big House is in the process of being boarded up in order to protect the building  and in order to protect the public from the dangers of rot and mould caused by Stoke City Council's pavement ".



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due to these recent photos of

due to these recent photos of the Big House all boarded up-on the MyTunstall web site  -spokes man Martin Reilly  has had several emails  from  people from around the world -America, Australia and Holland  concerned about The Wedgwood Big House and Stoke City Councils attitude towards it.

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on the 11th  December , Liz

on the 11th  December , Liz Copper of the BBC's Midlands Today programme filmed an article at The Wedgwood Big House which was broadcasted the same evening. the report included graphic imagery  of the damage done  to  the Big House  by the unlawful constructed pavement.  A spokesman for Stoke City Council stated that a meeting would take place next week,but that  no further comment could be made because an insurance claim has been submitted and this was being processed. the insurance claim  was submitted 19months ago by S-o-T council and the owner  have not been permitted to see it.                                          The plyboard  boarding was placed on the ground floor windows of the Big House due to  the risk of arsonists burning down the building also to stop the further window panes from being smashed.                 Continued public interest and  support from the UK and world wide  for the Wedgwood Big House shows  that Communities  want to see this  Historical important building back into use. 

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