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Basic advice from Staffordshire Police about keeping your house,purse and car safe from burglars and theives

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Staffordshire Police has launched a crime prevention drive to keep you and your  property safe this Christmas.
People are being advised to follow simple crime prevention tips to avoid presenting opportunist thieves with free gifts during the festive season.
The advice is given as part of Operation Impact, the force’s Christmas crackdown on theft and burglary.
Your purse/wallet:
• always keep your purse or wallet out of sight
• avoid carrying large amounts of cash and be careful not to let anyone see what’s in your purse or wallet as you pay for goods
• never keep your PIN number with your bank cards
• be vigilant and aware of who is around, particularly when withdrawing money from a cash machine. As you enter your PIN number shield your PIN entry
• when withdrawing money from a cash machine, don’t let anyone see how much you’ve withdrawn. Put money away immediately in a purse or wallet.  Place it securely in your bag or pocket before moving away from the machine
• never leave your purse or bag unattended in a trolley, pushchair or wheelchair as it can be stolen in seconds.
Your car:
• ensure your vehicle is securely locked, even if you are just popping to a car park ticket machine or to pay for petrol
• remove everything from your car when parking including sat nav cradles and phone holders. Even a jacket can convince a thief it’s worth breaking in
• don’t advertise what you’ve bought by leaving shopping on view. Vehicles with valuables left on display are easy pickings for opportunist theives and they can steal your goods in seconds
• never leave your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition.
Your home:
• when you go out always lock your doors and windows. If you have deadlocks, use them
• use timers for lights and radios if you are away overnight
• don’t leave spare keys in a garage or shed where they can be easily found by an opportunist thief
• never leave a garage or shed unlocked, especially if it has a conneccting door to the house. Lock tools and ladders away so thieves cannot use them to break in
• keep presents out of view. Nets, curtains or blinds can be used to block prying eyes
• take packaging of expensive items to the council recycling facility, rather than leaving them out for refuse collectors, to avoid advertising you have a new TV, bike or other new products.
Assistant Chief Constable Julian Blazeby said: “At this time of year burglars may attempt to take advantage of the darker nights, hoping to steal high value goods householders may buy in the run up to Christmas. 
“These seemingly simple measures really do a long way towards ensuring that your car and house are hostile environments for thieves and burglars.
“We’re doing everything we can, by targeting offenders and increasing patrols. I’d encourage you to do everything you can to secure your car and property.
Together we can have a safe and happy Christmas.”
Anyone who has information about crime in their area should call Staffordshire 
Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.


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