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Cavity wall insulation

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Just had Everwarm knock on the the door and offer my cavity wall insulation for free has anyone on the estate used them is there a catch were they any good.



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Hi bj-dj, it's just according

Hi bj-dj, it's just according to how old your property is. I am assuming that when you say "estate" you are on a recently buiilt estate say in the last 20 years, if so then your building should already have cavity wall installed.

The " fitters " should know that and it will become obvious once they start to drill. Watch them at wok on someone else's house or take advice.

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Had mine done a while back

Had mine done a while back for free. Can't remember who with but it went alright

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Hi, if your  property is less

Hi, if your  property is less than 30 years old you shouldn't need to get the cavity insulated, it would have been done as it was being built.

I would check first, you can drill a small hole through a mortar joint and see if there is any foam on the masonry bit when it goes through to the cavity.


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we signed up for a survey to

we signed up for a survey to be done by Everwarm and today when they should have turned up, nobody arrived. After ringing them to find out where they were, they gave some cock and bull story about how our house is already part cavity filled and the government has pulled funding for the work they do on part filled cavity properties and therefore by default, they wouldn't be coming to do our survey.

Shocking customer service. Couldn't even be bothered to ring to say they weren't coming, probably because they already knew they had completed their quota of properties needed to get the funding on our estate before they decided to move on.

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