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40 Days Till 40 -Raising money for Stroke Awareness starting with Westport Lake Walk

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The beginning

My Mum had a stroke a few weeks ago...

The saying is that you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. I am blessed with 2 beautiful and inspirational sisters, brother-in-laws that are cracking mates and a Mum and Dad that I will do my best to describe but will probably fail to do justice. And that's not taking into account 2 nephews and 2 neices that are the most adorable 'little people' you could ever wish to meet. I'd choose them all over most 'friends' I have met over many years.

I know that I am incredibly lucky. I have the most supportive parents. They are role models and friends but at the end of the day, just downright lovely people. Married for over 40 years, they represent everything good about life, family, companionship, but most of

Mum's stroke shook me. Selfish maybe but seeing my Mum vulnerable and frightened was something I hadn't really experienced before. As ever my Dad stepped up to the plate and has become even more of a legend than he was already.

Mum gets a little better every day. She admits herself that her experience has not been as harrowing as others, yet it's not the effect of what actually happened but more the realisation of the fragility of life and the need to cherish the people and things that are important in life.

So here's where you help...I hope. Certain people will know that I am approaching my 40th birthday (I had a tough paper round!) and I have set myself a little challenge. In order to try and raise funds for the Stroke Association, I am going to do a different challenge every day for the 40 days leading up to my birthday. Some will be quirky little challenges, others a little more, shall we say...testing. Day 1 is on July 7th when I will be walking round Westport Lake 40 times. I'm guessing this will take a few hours so if any Stokies fancing popping down to say hi, then please do. Other things will include cycling 40 miles, facing 40 penalties from a very eager group of youngsters, co-presenting on 6 Towns radio for 40 mins and lots more. 

I know times are hard and we are all doing so much to support so many causes. But I'd be really grateful if you would either take some time to join me on a challenge, or donate. I'm raffling off 40 prizes at the end of it all, so if you would like to donate a prize then email me.

I would really appreciate anything you can offer.

I think you have probably guessed how much my family mean to me. Supposedly a 'wordsmith' of one form or another for many years, I am not able to express exactly how much in this instance.

So the challenge starts on the 7th July and will conclude on the 15th August. Wish me luck and thank you in advance.

Raising money for the Stroke Association please visit  to donate


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Web Monkey's picture

Great cause Ad. Have you got

Great cause Ad. Have you got your list of 40 things yet or will you be wanting suggestions? Dont forgeyurok consider the gift aid if you donate.

Adam W's picture

Thanks MattStill have a few

Thanks Matt

Still have a few to finalise so am always open to any suggestions

markymark's picture

Good Luck 

Good Luck 

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