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About My Tunstall

MyTunstall has been knocking around the internet for the past couple of years under the name of

Then in March 2010, the site underwent a bit of a transformation, to widen it's appeal and open the site up and offer it to all of Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.

Is my area covered?

You create the news and discussions so if you feel like you can help with reporting on the site please get in touch.
So from  Sandyford, Goldenhill, Bankeyfields, Tunstall Town Center, and so on, it's your site, you report it.

Wards (2011 May Wards) covered by the site

  • Tunstall 
  • Goldenhill and Sandyford 
  • Ford Green and Smallthorne 
  • Little Chell and Stanfield 
  • Burslem Central 
  • Burslem Park 
  • Great Chell and Packmoor 

Whose using the site already?

Local residents groups such as Tunstall Greenfields Residents Association, Bankeyfields Neighbourhood Watch/RA, Tunstall Police, and soon more Residents Associations will take the offer up to have their own space on the site.

Local Residents also make use, and make this site what it is. 

Can I use the site then?

Of course, you'll need to register a user account first, and try and remember your username and password for each time you want to login, with a handy reminder service available if you ever forget your details.

When you are logged, you will be able to interact with the site by allowing you to:

  • Create new forum posts to start a local discussion, event, news, warning
  • Create a new blog to talk about something close to your heart
  • Upload a collection of images (you can do this by starting a new blog or forum post)
  • Create a entry in the MyTunstall classified system, allowing you to sell or swap or flag items wanted
  • Create a local business or service entry in the My Tunstall directory
  • Comment and discuss and review on forum, blog and directory posts

Why should I use this site?

Under the Bankeyfields site, a successful campaign to change the layout of one of the roundabouts on Reginald Mitchell Way was thought and won making the roundabout so much more safer.

Under the Bankeyfields site, a successful Neighbourhood Watch was set up and activily made use of the website to inform about alerts, meetings and events. 

So if you have a group or organisation that would like to use a little part of the site to organise and promote yourself please feel free.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, the site is hosted for free on the company I work for servers - (thanks to Dan Frost) and various donations and advertising schemes which pay for any promotional campaigns we run.

Will it cost me to add my business/service  to the business directory?

Again, to do so is free, and can be managed by yourself, you'll just need an account.

How do I Advertise my Business via the banner system?

Click here to see what advertising opportunities are available on My Tunstall.

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