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Another Burglary on Spitfire Way.

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 This morning between the hours of 1.30am and 4.00am a garage on Spitfire Way was burgled the following items were  taken Carrera mountain bike red frame black handle bars this bike has been security tagged,

Kercher pressure washer minus the hose attachment, yellow cordless drill and a Black & Decker jig saw. Feel a bit of a plonker because due to me doing some decorating yesterday I forgot to lock the garage door and the CCTV that is usually on 24/7 had been temporally switched off.

Look like the estate is being targeted as this is the third burglary within a couple of months so LOCK IT OR LOOSE IT.



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Bryn, like Steves break in

Bryn, like Steves break in the garage door was unlocked. But that's not the point. The point is some thriving scroute of a ray boy is  coming onto Our estate, onto our property and trying as many doors as they can.  

we need to set a trap for this rat.l

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Sorry to hear that!!    whats

Sorry to hear that!!    whats  the betting that they came back for my suff..saw the bloomin big lock and had a door try on the way back.. yoou was saying only a weekback about all your extra measures....Had a laugh last week, went to get a jigsaw from the garage and realised that was stolen too...just forgot i had the cost of my little robbing spree is well over a couple of grand..but now i have a inventry and insurance...scum!

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I am going to make a point of

I am going to make a point of keeping a eye and photgraphing if needed anyone who is not a native....Someone knows this estate well....

I think everyone needs to be really aware....if its that easy for them, they will be back..


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I, much like a lot of more

I, much like a lot of more mature people live in dread of comming home and finding my house burgled I dont know what I would do if it happend to me I am convinced it would send me round the bend (more than I am at the moment!!). I can not say how I would feel about living in my home after that. One thing I would like to say is how sure are you that the person resonsible doesnt live on your estate??. you all sound as if that is a no go area but not imposible in todays climate. How many of us know the people in our area, ie; window cleaners,delivery men,canvasers,salesmen/women, gas,electric,post men,(sorry bj). put a high vis vest and lanyard on and they are almost invisable to us we assume they are doing work in the area, anyone today can purchase what would pass as a uniform and come back later in other type of work clothes. But saying this I do feel for you if you have had stuff taken, we work for what we have got but others seem to think it is the norm to take what they want just because they can and then off load it somtimes for the price of a quick fix.

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With technology like street

With technology like street view from google, you can do a lot of your home work from your arm chair

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Discourage burglars by

Discourage burglars by wearing a policemans's uniform and standing outside your house day and night.....!

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