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Down time and Home Page Tweaks

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Posted: Mon, 2012/07/02 - 10:09

Sorry about the down time yesterday, a glitch in the new homepage template meant the links to articles weren't working, so I had to shut the site down until a time arose (last night) so I could

Twitter users can now log into their MyTunstall accounts with a single click

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Posted: Tue, 2011/07/12 - 10:24

A number of Twitter users have asked if they can sign into their MyTunstall accounts quickly and easily using their twitter account.

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MyTunstall the 4th - New look for 2011

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Posted: Fri, 2011/07/01 - 03:28
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Over the Years MyTunst

Sticks and stones

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Posted: Sun, 2011/04/03 - 19:12

I would just like to say that I welcome opinion, alternative comments, and the such like, I have been told to grow up, am a complete idiot, such is life, my shoulders are broad enough to take it, all

Community Presents! Live Show

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Posted: Mon, 2011/02/21 - 02:37

Community presents Vanessa Bebbington and Javani, plus DJ Clive and crew at Cobridge Community,
Multicultural Association, 353 Cobridge Road, Hanley, S-O-T, Staffs, ST1 5JP
Tel no: 01782262609
Tickets £5 or more at the door. Saturday 5th March

Event Date: 
05/03/2011 (All day)

Puppy, Hector a pointer

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Posted: Sat, 2011/02/19 - 19:42
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on wednesday night our household gained another pet,
we have named him Hector - from the childrens televison programme many years ago - Hectors house.

Mobile version of MyTunstall

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Posted: Thu, 2011/02/17 - 17:52
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Over the past few days I've been working on a mobile version of the MyTunstall website. A lot of the bulk has been trimmed away so that you only get the bare essentials. Ideal for when you're out and about and want to check the website out quickly and easily.

At the minute, I've added the main home page list of latest stories and a slimmed down version of the business directory.

R.I.P Mr.Sam Plank

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Posted: Fri, 2011/02/11 - 22:57


Improvement to the user profile page

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Posted: Tue, 2011/01/25 - 12:59
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I've made an improvement to the user profile page, which I should have really done a long time ago.

Basically, the user profiles are a lot more visible now, and make it easier for people to see what options are available to them when they visit a users profile.

For example, if you want to follow a user, then in the green box, simply click follow user.

Looking for old school friends

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Posted: Fri, 2010/11/12 - 00:13

Does anyone attend archbishop mcintyre high school,birches head from 1972 to76?

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