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Tunstall Xmas Lights Switch On 12th November 2010.....7.00pm

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Posted: Fri, 2010/10/22 - 15:57

The Tower Square Xmas festivities will take place on Friday 12th November starting at 5.00pm.As usual this will be hosted by Sam Plank and will include favourite charactors Mickey Minnie and Boomer.The children will be entertained by magician and entertainer Tony King as well as the usual gifts and competition prizes.The lights will be switched on at 7.00pm by Paula White assisted by Santa and guests.


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Burger / Hot Dogs at light switch on

For those of you attending the Light switch on, if you fancy a burger / hot dog or drink refreshments please visit the Beaver / Cub / Scout burger tent for your refreshments. Whilst your there they will also be selling raffle tickets to raise funds, 1st prize 42" flat screen tv, tickets £1 each.

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I know where I'll be if it's

I know where I'll be if it's chucking it down.

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Tunstall Lights

Just a reminder Tunstall light switch on Friday evening from 5pm

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At least it's not raining.

At least it's not raining. Looking forward to it.

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Lets hope it stays dry like

Lets hope it stays dry like it is and the wind has dropped as well which can only help, will look out for your lot down there

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Fantastic Night

What a fantastic night at tunstall tonight, good perforance by dj lomo and vanessa bebbington. Wow lots of goodies given away and lovely smell of hotdogs!,just fantastic, Sam Plank has put on a good show,what a night.

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