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Looking for old school friends

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Posted: Fri, 2010/11/12 - 00:13

Does anyone attend archbishop mcintyre high school,birches head from 1972 to76?


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I normally start on BookFace for old mates, and once someone created a profile for Maryhill school a couple of years back, the list just grow and grow.

Although I'm not a massive fan of Book Face, it does have it's uses

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Thanks Matt,l will certainly check it out,by the way it was nice to meet you and your family tonight at tunstall,thanks again!
bebbos (Angela )

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Nice to meet you to. I might

Nice to meet you to. I might have been a little stressed out, when we meant. I don't know how my Mrs manages the 3 ruggy ratties all of the time.
I missed most of the stage stuff last night, so didn't see/hear your Vanessa singing.

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Hi matt,
Thanks for email. l sorry you miss out the entertanment last night. l writting to let you know that l have got bad news to tell you. My Daughter Vanessa won't be performing along with dj school , the reason for this, gary and sarah is putting on a lot of presure on her!,their are expecting too much from her,she does not need this at all for her age,their were'nt even happy with her perforance last night,which in fact upset her.
Me and my husband want vanessa to enjoy her music with pleasure, not to be pressured.
So we're decided vanessa not to attend dj school. Gary and Sarah are under a great stress cause their run out of funds for their school,but their don't have a right to take it out on a 13 year old girl,we're are very upset about this,vanessa was doing well by entertaining at bigger veues,she even met Mr.sam Plank and his wife which are very nice people.
But l will keep in touch with you matt of vanessa progess, at the moment we're will be looking somewhere suitable for vanessa.lf you know any where she could go for her singing,please let me know,and me and my husband bill,would like to say thank you for the support you give to vanessa,please say hello to your wife and your lovely children,bye.

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