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OI! Web Monkey - Whats happened to my Smiley Face Avatar?

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Posted: Thu, 2010/06/10 - 18:31

Ok, it's only a little mod to the site, but I've switched on a system called Gravatar which helps websites with users spruce it's self up a little and stops every user who hasn't uploaded a user image from looking the same.

I don't know about you lot but I was sick to death of seeing so many smiley faces Big Grin

How do you change your gravatar. There are two ways. Firstly you can go to gravatars website and register with them, so any site you go on, which uses the sysetm, and matches your email address up, will give you the same avatar from there on in.

Or using mytunsall, look to the top right corner of the site, and press the edit button. On that page is the option to upload a picture of yourself.


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webmonkey're sick to

webmonkey're sick to death of seening smiley faces!

perhaps on a forum avatar but not in real life surely?
i was surprised how easy it was to up load a photo for the avatar on this .
i would like to know why so many guests on mytunstall dont sign up to it, there always seems to be a number browsing. eg theres 5 on now..

get logged in guests.. and take part.

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It makes this user page more interesting

The new avatar system makes this page look a lot more interesting.

About the guests and the users it amazes me too, that more don't contribute. However as you and Claire have both told me before I need to advertise the site more locally, to target more active people. However I do sympathise as I remember the original Bankeyfields forum that Sharky set up, about a 100 years ago, when I very bravely posted my first forum post about speeding cars on our estate. No one took any notice, and I didn't post for another 10 weeks, but then look what happened.

I think as more people make use of it to communicate & collaborate it will grow. You only have to look at what the Burslem lot are doing to see what's possible.

As always I need more help, I need people who want to write about local issues, about local history, about events and organisations.

If anyone wants any inspiration of what's possible check out this set of blogs