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IS anyone else worried about the globe right now? Money, Fuel and impending doom.

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Posted: Thu, 2008/09/18 - 18:29

Is it just me or is anyone else worried about the current state of market collapse.

Or is it a problem that's only hitting Banks, and having a knock on effect on the building trade?

Or are you putting your head down and worrying about more emdiate problems such as fuel, energy and food prices rising constantly.

And whilst we are onto the price of energy, why are Gas prices linked with Petrol when most of our gas is piped over to the UK across europe from the Mother Land of Russia? Are the two closely linked or is it just corporate greed.

We all know the light at the end of the tunnel eases off when we lose the reliance off of Oil and Gas but how long is that likely to be.

And is any of this worth worrying when some mad professors over at cern are recreating the immediate effects of the bang bang, and to my knowledge the universe is still expanding so won't that be fun.

Finally, Russia seems to have grown a pair over the last few years, so are we likely to face another stand off with them? Or mores the case be led by our short and curlies as we dance to their tune because of our energy requirements.

(I'll let some one else do the Noel Edmonds rants)


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My only worry is that the

My only worry is that the credit crunch will put the squeeze on my Friday night slurp at the local watering hole. Your gas is gowing up because big corporations who run Russia like the mafia are getting gready. As for Russia growing a pair of. well worry more Iran & Russia are in cahoots and Venezeula is getting in on the act with them too as Mr Chavez is determined to tke over Castro,s throne as the thorn in Americas backside I mean yard. If this is all to much for you I have a spare set of worry beads that I picked up in Greece a few years ago.

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A bit from Sky news on

A bit from Sky news on America,s stance with Russia.

America's Arms Warning To Russia

The US Defence Secretary has told Sky News that another Russian attack on Georgia once it has joined Nato would result in an American armed response.

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That would be one bloody

That would be one bloody battlefield. There'd be no winners at the end of that one.

Pleasant thought.

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