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Web Review: Zoopla - a website that charts the rise and fall of your house price - Tunstall, Stoke-on-trent Data

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Posted: Thu, 2009/02/05 - 17:26

" is a unique property website offering users information and tools to help them make better-informed property decisions. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive source of residential property market information in the UK to help buyers, sellers, owners and estate agents alike and give them an advantage in the property market." Says the official blurb.

It's also a bloody good way to have a nose at how much money you've made on your house since you've moved in (and sadly if you move in recently how much you've lost)

For me it's a bit like google maps, and live maps. I aren't planning on moving, but I am a little bit nosy so I find it's interesting to see how other houses (especially the same type of house as yours) is valued on the site.

It's a little hit and miss, and you can refine your own house to give the estimators more data to base your house price.

Worth spending 10 minutes having a nose around.

Heres a list of properties for John Rhodes Way on Zoopla


Lawrence's picture

Too scared to look

Don't think my heart's got what it takes...

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Gulp - just checked our house

We've now lost £500 since three years ago.

Blimey it even gives you a rental value. Although I am offended because my mate pays that for a poxy flat next to the hospital.

Averages for st6

If you bought:
3 months ago - lost £4,800
6 months ago - lost £9,200
1 year ago - lost £13,000
2 years ago - lost £8,999
3 years ago - lost £1,850
4 years ago - made £3,600 (woo hoo!)
5 years ago - made £16,000 (bonus)

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well that was depressing

Just been on it. Whilst you need to take the numbers with a pinch of salt, the overall picture seems about right. Three cheers for Gordon...

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hip-hip ka-pow

It's a pretty good indicator to watch over the next few months though, but still depressing.

Like you say, where do they get their numbers, and if you edit your own home, look at the amount of data it doesn't know about your house (which I bet it uses for it's valuations) then you can take it with a pinch of salt.

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House Price Indicator

I have not looked at this site but i am sure the value of mine would significantly be reduced when they see that Steve lives across from me Smile

I am resigned to living here for a long time.......


PS I got some grit and will send my crew out later HAHA

Web Monkey's picture

Zoopla's valuation form did have a ....

Zoopla's valuation form did have a "lives near to an Steve" I wondered what that was ll about, now I know.

I wonder how many pennies it knocks off your house.

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Market snapshot for ST6

Value change over
ST6 Zed-Index!* 3 months 6 months 12 months
£91,855+£1,163 (1.28%)+£1,400 (1.55%)-£-7,248 (-7.31%)

Avg. price paid - £91,257

(over last 12 months)
No. of sales

(over last 12 months)

(% of homes sold in last 5 years)
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Average house prices for John Rhodes Way update

Last 7 Years
Avg. house price paid: £144,136
No. of property sales: 57
Last 5 years
Avg. house price paid: £160,198
No. of property sales: 27
Last 3 Years
Avg. house price paid: £170,127
No. of property sales: 11
Last year
Avg. house price paid: £188,975
No. of property sales: 2
Data from Zoopla