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Telford Winter Wonderland - A visit to see Santa

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Posted: Mon, 2009/12/07 - 01:46
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If any parents are reading this and are thinking about taking their little ones out to see Santa, and have felt very underwhelmed by the potteries shopping centers, over priced, under whelming, trainer wearing, young pretender in a Santa suit, then keep reading.

Today we've taken a short trip down to Telford, which nearly melted my sat nav with the amount of roundabouts it has as you come in from the Eccleshall road.

We parked up and the international centre, which is near to the ice rink, full of trepedation, wondering if the whole Santa for the kids could be worse than lasts years freezing, none stop rain at Gullivers land in Werrington.

However, all of our fears put to rest as we made the short walk from the car park to Wonderland Telford, which is an all year round nursery rhyme experience for the kids.

There were a few rides for little kids to go on, and a walk in the woods where you come across sets of nursery rhyme classics such as: the three little pigs, goldilocks, the ginger bread house, crooked old house, snow white and the seven dwarfs cottage.

Best of all, was Santa. As we all know, Santa, the real Santa, not the spotted oik with a fake beard and dirty white trainers that you find up Hanley. This Santa was the Santa straight off the coke advert.

A merry old man, who some how know the kids ages, he even knew their names, and even admitted that yes, he's not that fond of none stop Sherry any more, and does like the odd drink of Larger on Christmas Eve. He even gave me a jolly look when our three year old told five or six times that Daddy likes beer.

Santa had a nice chat with the Kids, and put them at ease straight away. Even our little girl whose just turned one wasn't scared and stopped babbling to Santa. She even managed a ho ho ho, which cheered Santa up no end.

The kids loved it. We weren't processed in 30 seconds like some places, which really pees me off. You aren't offered a photo with Santa, your allowed to take your own camera, so your not charged a rip of for a rubbish photo.

So, like I say, if you've not made any plans, and really want to treat the little ones, have a look at the Christmas wonderland website

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