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Burslem Alliance-representing residents,businesses and visitors in the Mother town

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this group   Burslem Alliance  wish to provide a UNITED VOICE for and  on behalf of the residents, businesses  and visitors of Burslem .

they are  looking for more support and membership of this group.

Burslem Alliance c/o 38  market Place.Burslem ST6 4AR


please read the attached poster for details



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HiI thought I should share my


I thought I should share my experience of Burslem with you.  As a child in the 1950s I frequently visited my grand parents at Middleport and I loved to see the busy town when taken there by my grandma

Today, fifty odd years later I had to call and collect a document from Nowell Meller Solicitors.  I should have been in and out in five minutes, but sadly the document was not waiting for me at reception and I was delayed.

The delay cost me £25 as I overstayed my welcome on an almost deserted pay and display car park for 6 minutes.  I suspect the parking attendant saw me arrive and waited for my ticket to expire as he was there almost as it did so.  He certainly had little else to do as there were only a handful of cars in the town centre.

Why on earth is the council insisting on charging for parking in Burslem anyway?  It simply discourages people from using the town as there is very little left there to attract anyone to want to visit, but parking charges and over zealous enforcement officers are certainly not helping.

Yes, I overstayed and expect my appeal to fail.  There seems to be a hidden agenda with the council using parking penalties as a welcome source of income.  My reaction may well be to move to a firm of solicitors nearer home which has its own car park.  I shall then have no need to visit Burslem and therefore not use the few useful businesses that are left.

Ceramica should have been used as the centre piece for a revival of the town, attracting visitors to experience the history of the once thriving pottery industry,  but sadly Ceramica was wasted, just like the rest of this wonderful old town.

£25 to visit Burslem?  In its present state I would not accept as little as £25 as a reward to return!



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I completeley agree. Charging

I completeley agree. Charging for smaller town parking is more than off putting. It stops the impulse purchases, it stops the quick stops. It forces motorists and shoppers straight into the hands of supermarkets for more and more purchases adding yet another nail in the coffin.

The Mary Portas Report Recommendations have been out for a few years now and I've not seen Stoke-on-Trent City Council willing to implement any of them. Especially in the towns which would benefit them (Tunstall, Burslem).


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