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Burslem Park - The Grand opening event - this Saturday

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Over the past three or four years certain people from the Stoke-on-Trent community have been busy. Very busy. Fund raising, writting letters, begging, putting together funding bids. Pulling out all of the stops to make one of our finests parks a fine and splendid place again to spend a couple of hours.

Join in with the  celebrations of  the completion of Burslem Park's 2m restoration, which has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund 

through their Parks for People programme.

The official opening of the park will take place at the Moorland Road gates at midday. Parking is available at Port Vale FC.

With music, dance and family entertainment throughout the day including: 
- Refreshments (including pavilion bar open 2.30pm) 
Fairground attractions
Outdoor crafts and activities for children and families
Sports coaching and skills demonstrations
Community and heritage  attractions

If you're there and spot the likes of Tom Pine and crew, give them a hefy pat on the back to.


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hoping the rain stays away  

hoping the rain stays away   from over Burslem park Grand opening  celebrations today .

although the posters states that the opening  starts at 12pm   the Burslem park  facebook page  states that  Haywood  orchestra students are starting  to play at 11am.

 all 4 of us had a really nice walk  around burslem park today -its rare  to have both  our children (20&18) with us  when we have days out, but even  B & T  knew the  great significance of  attending  the

grand opening of the newlook burslem park.


the park was  very busy with  visitors and guests ,busy with  craft stalls , charity stall and  information stands .

the grounds looked wonderful,  the flower beds  , the cut grass areas and the new look pavilion. The volunteers  and workmen have worked really hard to get the grounds looking up to scratch again.  its taken many  months  of hard work  and im sure the proud   residents  of Burslem will again have pride in their  park.

but of course we all know the the council should never have allowed the park to get in to a run down state  in the first place and they should never have got rid of the on site parkie .

although i wouldn't like to go  back  to the days of  "Keep off the grass" and "no playing on the swings on a Sunday"  the  on site parkie  was able to  keep an eye on his  grounds .

well done everyone involved in todays  grand reopening.


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