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Celebrate Safely This Summer!

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The countdown to the Olympics has well and truly begun and so has Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s summer safety campaign.

This summer is unique as the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee and Euro 2012 are all taking place. Events like these result in an increase in outdoor socialising, including street parties and barbecues.

Head of Risk Reduction, Glynn Luznyj said: “The summer will be an exciting time with lots of events and activities going on. We want you to have fun but we also want you to celebrate safely – we don’t want to turn up to save your bacon!”

The summer months also bring other potential fire risks and the Service always sees an increase in grass fires during warmer weather.

Though the majority of grass fires are deliberately started something as simple as throwing a cigarette from a car window or leaving a glass bottle on the floor can accidentally start a grass fire.

Glynn Luznyj added: “We ask that people take care when they’re outside enjoying the nice weather and simply ensure that cigarettes are appropriately extinguished and disposed of and that litter is put into bins provided or taken home with you.

“Your seemingly innocent mistake could well cause a severe grass fire that destroys acres of land and ties up firefighting resources for hours, days or even weeks. It is just as important to be safe in your own garden as well as you don’t want to risk anything happening to your property.”

Promotional posters and leaflets have been distributed across the county and firefighters will be attending events during the summer, promoting the campaign.

For more information about celebrating safely this summer, including a list of tips for people organising street parties, visit Also follow Staffs Fire on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates throughout the summer.


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