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Dougie Mac Fancy Drag Race pictures

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Around 70 men donned their glad rags to support the Douglas Macmillan Hospice's Fancy Drag Race. Check out some pictures from the day here.

Big thank you to everyone who took part in the event.

Please comment if you were there on the day, and what you thought of it.

You can also donate for the Fancy Drag Race here -


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Alison's picture

Thank god that's over  I'm

Thank god that's over  I'm sick of seeing stuff about drag racing I only hope it raised you lots of money though, and well done to the adventurous types who got involved.

Web Monkey's picture

It's just a bit of Fun

It's just a bit of Fun Alison. Not something I could do, dress up in ladies clothing + high heels and run in yesterday's sun. Fair play and for a good cause.

Were there any disaters? Did anyone ladder any tights?

DougieMacStoke's picture

Nope all went smoothly,

Nope all went smoothly, thanks to everyone who has comments and read articles about the event.


Web Monkey's picture

How much did you raise?

How much did you raise?

DougieMacStoke's picture

The fundraising target is

The fundraising target is £9000, we should know a more definite figure in a few weeks. One group from Harplands Hospital have raised around £1000 themselves.

Web Monkey's picture

Wow, not a bad figure. Well

Wow, not a bad figure. Well done Ladies.

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Our supporters have been

Our supporters have been lapping up the pictures from the Fancy Drag Race, which took place on Sunday.

The blog received over 2,400 hits yesterday alone, so the question is would you like to see it happen again?

Click on the link below to take our poll and let us know.

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