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Fire at Pinnox Street Started Accidentally

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A fire on Pinnox Street in Tunstall earlier today started due to an electric fault the Fire Service has revealed.

Firefighters from Sandyford and Burslem were called to the terraced property at around 10.25am this morning after workmen on the street spotted smoke coming from a property.

A woman had come out of the house so the workmen rushed to her aid and called the fire service. She was uninjured and had discovered the fire on her way downstairs to make a cup of tea.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and tackled the fire in the living room using two hose reel jets.

Station Manager, Dave Steele said:

“The fire started in the corner of the room within the extension cables being used for the TV and other appliances. The fire then spread to the TV, table, sofa, chairs, carpets and window, it has caused quite extensive damage and the entire property is smoke logged.

“The woman had left the TV and surrounding appliances plugged in and turned on overnight – we urge people not to do this. We would also encourage people to check that they are not overloading extension cables, as this could potentially lead to a fire starting. As useful as extension cables are, they are not designed to be plugged into other extension cables and the amount of amps an extension cable is designed for should be checked before use and not exceeded.”

“An electrical fire is not something that can be predicted however it can be avoided in most circumstances simply by turning off and unplugging appliances that do not need to remain on.”


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