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Barratt boilers on heritage park

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I did hear a mention once that there are circuit bord issues with the boilers installed in the barratt houses, can anyone shed a light, as my boiler keeps going off with the reset flashing a problem that is getting righ on my goat.



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Sounds like your control

Sounds like your control board is playing up. It is a pretty standard PCB ( printed circuit board ) mine did a few years ago. Took it out spotted a few dry joints. Poppey had a soldering iron and we touched them up. It has been ok since fingers crossed. You may have seen the item re Potterton boilers on Watch Dog BBC not good.

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If they were installed in

If they were installed in the same useless fashion as Wilcons (sorry Rico, I know your good lad, but your plumbing is shocking) then your in for problems.

We had the our boiler blow it's door off. If it weren't for the cupboard door, then it might well have gone through the window.

It was all down to dripping solder shorting the thing out.

Hopefully your issue isn't as pressing as that.

I've got a number for a good plumber.......

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Yes the PCB's suffer from

Yes the PCB's suffer from dry joints due to the heat expansion and the boards being flow soldered..... Unless you are a dab hand with a soldering iron..

You may find a call to potterton useful as i think i heard from a gas man they will replace your board for free now as they have had lots of issues...

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Whilst we are on plumbing

Whilst we are on plumbing and heating matters.

Talking to a plumber and he said the plastic pipes wilcon has fitted in all houses are good for about 4-7 years.

Also, when your boiler does pack in, you'll probably have to refit your water pipes and your gas pipe because of the sizes they've used, wouldn't last with a modern day boiler.

So if anyone's a plumber, could you confirm any of this, and also get some flyers drawn up because you've got a 150 houses on wilcons site to consult and maybe work on over the next few years.

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Staffs Gas on George

Staffs Gas on George Eardley??!!

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I had the circuit board

I had the circuit board problem with my boiler, potterton, the reset was flashing, i joined british gas home care service to cover my boiler, ht-water, pipes, rads ect, they come out and replaced it for free, its a common problem on potterton boilers in these homes

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Barratt homes.....I was

Barratt homes.....I was wondering has anyone had a problem with heavy condensation in their roof space, only in winter months?? I have and I have had to remove everything from up there as it was getting dripped on...the black felt lining has now got a covering of white fur mould on it, musty smelling as well.... any ideas? have got plenty of insulation down, vents in the soffit not blocked.. we had someone take a look and they said its a lack of ventilation, so we either get some raised ridge tiles put in to help or replace the felt with new breathable felt from the inside, costly though, ideas, any roof people out there?

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