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broadband problems today ?

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HI just a quickie from me..has anyone on aol had any problems with the broadband connection ...mine keep connect,disconnect...which is bugging me when im trying to update my website, me and my boys will be taking the garden surgery road show to the bottom of john rhodes way for a few days...
If you see us beep us !!!
we are gonna keep sharky awake with the noise Smile
I will add some comments to the recent events tommorow...cheers steve



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I've been having network

I've been having network times outs last week, it was driving be crazy, it seems to have sorted its self out now.

I never tracked it down to something on the pc (virus checker and spywaer check both say it's clean) or down to my isp.

To late for BT Business Broadband anyway, enough is enough. I've got with the reviews and opted for o2.

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I have opted and changed to

I have opted and changed to o2 as well £7.50 a month if you have your mobile with them as i do.
I had problems with broadband last week as well, could not get on it, found out what it was though. It was recent updates of windows clashed with my zone alarm, so to resolve it, turned my firewall down to medium from high,therefore then letting me log onto broadband then updated to the latest version of zone alarm, then increased firewall back to high, it worked apparently alot of people are experiencing this problem who have zone alarm installed...
Hope this helps anyone with it...byeee for now..

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Ade, what speed do you get

Ade, what speed do you get on 02?

I rang them to see if I could migrate to them and they said I couldn't as I was too far from the exchange - weird that you have it? Must be borderline distance.

I get 2mb on UKonline

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We signed up via the

We signed up via the website, and don't go online until the 15th July, keep you posted

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Good bye, BT Broadband you

Good bye, BT Broadband you big loser, and hello o2 broadband.

Doubled my connection speed, tripled my upload, and saved a pot of cash.

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