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fishermen think they have the right to drive their cars onto parkland.

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i have just tried to contact the council about the fisherman who thinks he can drive his car onto park land,
there are no right of way for cars on the Grange-,
trying to get the right department is very irritating and to be put on hold for 7 mins , and then being passed on to 3 different departments, in the end i gave up and will put it onto FIXMYSTREET.

the council have just completed a cycle path through it thats all,

the same person drove the car onto the Grange on Thursday night and it was still there on friday morning.

in the photo the car is on the left hand side , parked behind the tree, as if he is hinding the fact he has his car there. the fisherman is on the right of the photo with tent.

a phone call to the police 15mins ago-"they will send someone over when they can"



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after about 20 mins of

after about 20 mins of phoning the police about this, one did turn up and requested the fisherman to remove his car from the fields, after about another 20mins the man drove his car to the road way. and then carried on fishing.
the barnfield residents requested at the residents meeting last night that the broken wooden barriers would be replaced - asap -by the council .

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