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Old sweets?

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Does anybody remember the name of the tube of sweets in the 80's / 90's that were like building bricks? Am trying to find some as my son came home with some from a party recently but can't find anywhere that sell them, wondered if anyone can remember what they are called so I can search by the name.

Seem to be able to find new ones that you can get separtely from Sweet Emphromium but not the old ones that came in packets

many thanks



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Hi Rach, I think they were

Hi Rach,

I think they were called PEZ. Not sure where you can get them from though.

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Rach, is Richard onto

Rach, is Richard onto something here?

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Richard Thanks for this, no


Thanks for this, no it's not Pez, as you can still get them as I looked at them today. We think they were called something like "tabs?"

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Tabs are now named Pez I

Tabs are now named Pez I think.... look at and type in Tabs and Pez come up instead and have a tag on them called Tabs.

Zoey Smile

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I'm loving all of this sweety

I'm loving all of this sweety knowledge everyone's got. But Rach I'm still convinced your parents fed you bricks and told you they were sweets Wink

Does anyone know where I can get Fish and Chips crisps from. Clough hall baths used to sell them from their vending machines when I was little. I used to love them, and they were dripping in flavour.

DO any of these ring a bell?

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PEZ Going for lunch now so


Going for lunch now so will get a packet from the shop on the way back and investigate. Only thought they were still called TABS as my son came back from a party with some.

Fish and Chip crisps, will have to look out for them on our travels.

Will update when back from lunch on whether they are now PEZ

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Well our work shop only sell

Well our work shop only sell Pez with pictures of fruit on, but seems impressed with the Orange ones so far, will have to look for stripped packets of Pez in Tesco / Asda, many thanks for all your help with this.

Now to find Matt's fish and chips crisps, sure I have seen them somewhere in Stoke.

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