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Keep the music alive - The DJ School needs your help

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Keep the music Live!

The DJ School Association based in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent needs help o keep our arts activities
and courses on track into 2011 for 100’s service user s, communities and arts professionals .We need
to raise £13,495 to help to run our courses and activities.

“ The DJ School has helped me catalogue my art work for preparation for a exhibition, I could only
dream of getting as far as I have already” Service User aged 46 and Young person aged 12 years “The
DJ School has given me the confidence to express myself realise I have a future. I write my own
songs and now am putting together a cd of my own work before I would only sing old songs I was
comfortable with.”

The DJ School does not just provide DJ Workshops, we specialise in dramatic arts, Music Technology
and IT and fine Art. We also aid clients in many aspects of modern live and provide training on being
a freelance artist, provide employability modules and work Experience opportunities.

“We work tirelessly to provide opportunities for people that they would not normally get to
encourage them to use their chosen art forms to provide them with a better future and , to help them
function and contribute positively in the community. “ Sarah Armitt, Secretary of the DJ School.

Please visit to find out more about what we do . If you would like to make a
donation contact Sarah Armitt on 01782 205675.



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The DJ School is very good,my

The DJ School is very good,my daughter Vanessa Bebbington loves it ! and doing very well indeed. l just hope and pray from the botton of my heart,it will pull through

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THE dj school has let my

THE dj school has let my daughter down,and also many students of the past and present,yes my daughter enjoy it at fisrt,who would at at a young tender age!,until their show their true nasty colours!, if l could delete my previous comment,l would truly would!,the dj school has let my daughter down,and also many students of the past!

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In response to postings made

In response to postings made by bebbos 69;

It is great shame that they feel this way;

However the DJ School maintains :

It is policy that all participants engage in activites and perform of their own free will.
It is policy not to pressure anyone who attends and wins the opportunity to perform.
It is policy not to make promises to participants.
It is policy that all activites performances are participant led.
It is policy to set guidelines and deadlines with participants.
it is policy that all particpants that take part in performances take part in feedback sessions to improve attitude and ability.

Therefore all work is dictated at the pace in which participants and parents and carers set. The final refusal of any activity or performance rests with the participant and parents and carers . Therefore any presure precieved or not is created by the particpant and/ or parent carer support network . All staff and volunteers adhere to very high and strict standards; therefore all particpants are met with the same curtosy, respect and support and given the opportunity to feed back any issues., If needed particpants are advised to place in writing and grievences and address to the board of trustees.

We are a small charity who are trying to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people to gain the opportunities as a performing artist that would otherwise not be open to them due to financial constraints.

Not withstanding sometimes people feel that it is time to move on and that we may have done all we can for certain individuals. These individals may find it difficult to move on and communicate their wishes positively but manifest those wishes in a very negitive manner. BEBBOS69 has been asked on numerous occasions to place a letter of grievences into the board of tustees so it can be dealt with by the the official methods. They have failed to do this and chosen instead to slander the DJ School and members of its staff on numerous sites such as this one . With no offical complaint in place it is hard to see any real grienavce and we would kindly ask individuals concerend to write a offical complaint or cease from these comments.

Kind Regards

The DJ School Association

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