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Bankeyfields - Call to Shovels

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Bankeyfields, last year just a handful of people helped to clear the roads of compacted snow and ice and it was hard work, especially on your own. The whole estate needs to make a massive team effort from all to get out their and remove the worst of the snow.

The vast majority of us live on steep inclines, so it makes sense, and just to reiterate what RedGirl said on another topic just now.

The roads on the estate become treacherous when the snow compacts and then freezes and then the grit can't penetrate through the compaction to dissolve it.

I was forced to clear my drive and pavement outside my house last night as the snow had compacted so much my car slid 12 inches down the low incline of my driveway back into my garage yesterday when hubby took it out of the garage. And then it slid down the road 6 inches after he parked it at the end of the drive.

We need everybody to get their snow shovels out and start clearing the bits of road and pavements in front of their houses so that we can put the grit down when the council eventually start refilling the bins.

We all drive cars so this affects us all. Chances are most of us have a shovel or a spade of some sort. If we worked as one we'd soon shift the snow.

Yes a lot of us work, but there is nothing stopping us from wrapping up warm this evening and getting stuck in.

Fella's are we going to let the ladies such as RedGirl and Janet K put us to shame?


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Dereth's picture

im betting there will be more

im betting there will be more woman and children helping out .
photos please.

Web Monkey's picture

I've just been out on my

I've just been out on my lunch break and shifted a load of snow from John Rhodes - past the speed bump.

The snow is slushing up a bit now, so it's easier to shift and it's better off the road than on, as temperatures drop later on.

janet-k's picture

Well done WM I've cleared a

Well done WM

I've cleared a good chunk of Hurricane grove over the last few days, up round the nasty bend at the top. I'm strugling to keep it gritted though, as I've run out. - This is my own grit that I have paid real money for, not stuff from the boxes at the bottom of the road. If anyone on Hurricane has any grit, it would be greatly appreciated on the bend, as it's not only people that live at that end of the road that use it, but also anyone else turning round in that area has helped to compact the snow into ice over the last few days.

I'll be attempting to drive on the ice rink that is Spitfire Way later - There must be someone on that road other than Red Girl that has a shovel.

Oh, and yes, I do have a full time job, and I've been into work ontime every day this week, and still managed to clear some snow.

RedGirl's picture

I'll try and clear some from

I'll try and clear some from around the roads outside my house tonight, but I shouldn't really be doing anything strenuous as I've been told by my GP that I could be further injuring myself (a number of ongoing medical issues!) but I would rather be able to walk safely on my drive and at the front of my house, than slip over and injure myself that way!

There is more snow forecast tonight, but the sun should be up tomorrow so I will ensure me and my husband do a bit of shovelling tomorrow. We've found that if we start something (like shovelling snow last year) a number of the neighbours see this and make the effort by following suit.

I'll have to go and purchase my own private grit stock as I ran out of council grit last night when I was trying desperately to grit the speed ramp.

janet-k's picture

We may all need another call

We may all need another call to Shovels tomorrow - it's snowing again!!!!!

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