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Stoke-on-Trent Mobile-Enforcement vehicle (parked on double yellow lines) Picture #stokenews

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while walking home from Hanley today we spotted the Councils car parking enforcement vehicle parked up on double yellow lines-and very close to a T junction waiting for cars to drive up the bus lane .

shouldnt this car be handed a parking ticket for this.?



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One law for them and one for

One law for them and one for the peasants.

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Cracking bit of Citizen

Cracking bit of Citizen Journalism.

Making a bit of stir on twitter with one chap asking "if this was reported?", "it should be!"

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No doubt they'll claim they

No doubt they'll claim they have some kind of exemption that allows them to park there...

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Most of the senior council

Most of the senior council staff can park where they like.
We just have to pay for it.

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Dereth, 1 year on and the

Dereth, 1 year on and the Sentinel are reporting about it today.

Isn't this a waste of the cars time, when, as it has wheels it should be out and about, maybe checking places such as the mental parking on Tunstall roundabout. Wouldn't a fixed camera be better here, or revert to how it used to be, a better thought out road layout is genuinely needed here?

One of the problems with shopping at Hanley is it can be a pain in the ass if you're coming from the D Road to get to the Potteries Car Park. We know the routes, but look at it from someone who comes from outside the area.

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a fixed camera ? i think

a fixed camera ?
i think there are cameras on the island part of that junction already,

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The law is the law, and no

The law is the law, and no parking on double yellow lines is legal unless a parking restriction exemption has been issued, such as if works in the road is taking place. The police are there to uphold;d the laws of the land and not to flout them, and I will say the council will not be able to park any vehicle on double yellow lines without the above permit which is issued for that particular part of the street and within a dated period. It is not a recurring permit that can be used willy nilly and has to be applied for in advance and has a limited time and date validity. These clown are breaking the law, and I do not believe that that the use of a vehicle for so called stealth usage and for the purpose of catching out traffic offences warrants an emergency situation, which under these rules the Police are allowed to park on double yellow lines to perform their investigations and duties. A Police car is not allowed to park on double yellow lines, just in the hope of catching a random law breaker to which they have no intelligence about. There-fore I conclude that this council 'spy vehicle' is breaking the law and should be reported to the council and have their hands slapped and told not to do it again. ( Grrr I am so angry )

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Web Monkey please delete the

Web Monkey please delete the duplicate post and the OH post. Can we implement onto the website away of deleting post personally that you may of put on. I ended putting on two posts of the same coz the site was crawling a bit? Cheers M8

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Anyone would think I was just

Anyone would think I was just after the Kudos points..LOL

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It's not Daley Thompson's

It's not Daley Thompson's decathlon from the 80's you know Wink you and that Ian Norris are the kings of the double clicks.
No harm done. In fact such a good point raised it had to be said twice.

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have checked today -there

have checked today -there are fixed cameras pointed to this hanley bus/taxi lane section.

so why does the enforcement car have to park up on the double yellow lines to take photos too?

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dereth pretty sure they were

dereth pretty sure they were suppose to use the fixed cameras many years ago but due to an error purchased the wrong CCTV which were not of a high enough quality to run APNR and stand up in court

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