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Bird Poo - help

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Hiya, can any one give me a few tips that will stop birds from perching on my TV Aerial.

Now, you probably thinking lay off the birds, what have they done to you, but our TV aerial, over looks out kitchen door into the back.

The door handle, step wheelie bin, green box are getting covered in bird muck.

Any suggests humane or otherwise will be greatly appreciated.



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Bird Poo

You could get yourself a falcon or sparrow hawk to scare them off. Put a scare crow on the roof, it would be a talking point. Best idea move the arial. Seriously once birds take a liking to a roost it is very difficult to move them. We have house martins nesting in our eves every year from April to September. They do make a right mess right by the front window and I have to jet wash every day whilst they rear their young. But I do enjoy watching their arial acrobatics. So its worth it.

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Bird Poo

Buy a big cat

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cat silhouette

I'd thought of putting a cat silhouette on the top of the roof near the aerial.

Radio controlled chopper sounds like fun, but I'd have to be outside a lot.

I also considered putting grease on the aerial, but that would probably wash or way, or worse, drip down onto the bin, door, floor and make matters worse ( and slippy)

Both my Dad and Me have been on the look out for little plastic spikes that you can put on the aerial, but we haven't been able to locate them anywhere.

I like the idea of putting the aerial in the loft, but wouldn't that block the reception, or will the airwaves travel through the roof.

Any electricians/inventers on the estate - could you put together a motion sensor (that's not effected by the wind), that runs of solar power, and that can be fitted and sold for less than £40 quid?

In the meantime, I'll have to get my mini jet wash sorted and get washing everywhere down.



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