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County council clarifies its position on wind farms

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Producing cleaner energy has taken another step backwards today as Staffordshire County Council fire a warning shot across companies bows wanting to make use of this natural resource, and in what some call a unusual step, have clarified its position on wind farms. This step has come in the face of around a dozen applications currently being considered by district planning authorities.

County Councillor Mike Maryon, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment, said: "We have become aware that some of the companies submitting planning applications to create wind farms have been citing the previous county council's policies in support of their application.

"Whilst the county council accepts the contribution that renewable energy plays in tackling climate change, we feel passionately about our beautiful county. Taking this into account we would urge the planning authorities to give full and careful consideration of the impact that a wind farm development would have on the local community and on the rural environment.

"We are concerned about the impact on the countryside of wind turbines, and are looking closely at the place this technology has in our strategy to reduce the county's carbon emissions. This review is due for completion in May 2010."